Hourglass Toothbrush Holder


Color: Blue
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Material: pp + acrylic
Size: 9 * 6cm
Hourglass length: 8cm
Packaging: boxed

Time: 3 minutes
Use: Toothbrush timer
People: children, children, adults
Description: 3 minute hourglass This glass can be used as a friend gift, new year gift and holiday gift.
Hourglass was originally used as an ancient timekeeping tool, now it is not only a stylish home decoration, but also a children's toy for leisure or learning, you can use it to exercise the patience and perseverance of children.
During this time, you can use it as a timer when doing masks or yoga or brushing your teeth.
It is also very elegant to place the hourglass on the table, and the sand slowly flows, you can enjoy the beautiful weather and good memories.
1. Due to different screen and lighting effects, the actual color may be slightly different from the picture color. The p-bail allows 1 cm to vary due to manual measurement.
2. Regarding sandy weather, please note that sometimes-/ + 10% jet lag is described on the product page._12  




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